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Miqat Travels (Pvt.) Limited has been established in 2002 to serve the people to perform their Hajj and Umrah so easily with its prouded authority. Fill the need for professional expertise in the hospitality & tourism industry in Bangladesh. Recent research indicates that by 2020 China & India will be the world largest tourism destinations. As a neighboring country Bangladesh has already captured attractions as one of the tourist destination due to Coxs Bazaar for its longest beach and Sunderban as 7 wonder of tourism world Aparajita Trade International is bridging the gap of understanding both "World & Bangladesh tourism industry because of their many years of experience in this field. Aparajita Trade International is the right choice for local and international firms that wants to set up hospitality business in Bangladesh. Aparajita Trade International provides consultancy services in the field of hospitality operations, systems, technology, and sales and marketing by utilization of a world class and professional team. Aparajita Trade International have a team of creative professionals providing advice on Project Identification and Preparation, Feasibility Studies, Technical Assistance, Establish Property Management System, Kitchen Layout, Menu Plan, Recruitment, Training and Human Resources Development, Policy & Procedure Establishment, Hotel & Restaurant Management under Management Contract.

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সম্মানিত ওমরাহ হজ্জ এ গমনেচ্ছু ভাই-বোনদের অতি আনন্দের সাথে জানাচ্ছি যে, ২০১৫ সালের উমরাহ কার্য্রক্রম [ বিস্তারিত ]
হাজীদের ফিরতি ফ্লাইট ৮ অক্টোবর শুরু হয়ে চলবে ৮ নভেম্বর-২০১৪ পর্যন্ত  [ বিস্তারিত ]
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